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Logging Company Offering Selective Timber Harvesting in Augusta, Maine

J & M Logging, Inc. is a full-service logging company, founded in 1999, that specializes in selective timber harvesting, land clearing, and chipping. We work with landowners to guarantee they have a responsible harvest.

Logging, Selective Timber Harvesting in Augusta, ME

This is accomplished by following Maine's Best Management Practices with regards to forestry, and a timely harvest through optimum use of our professional mechanized equipment.

Full Line of Logging Equipment:

• Timbco Fellerbuncher
• Multi tek wood processor
• John Deere Skidders
• Bandit Chipper
• Western Star Tractor
• TigerCat Loader, Delimber

Harvesting Wood
Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you, the land owner, and provide the expertise in marketing the wood and getting top dollar for your wood lot. You decide the selection of trees to cut. No job is too big or too small.

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Certified Logging Professional